NEWISE Club gatherings provide a forum for members to discuss their challenges, solutions and ideas – in an intimate environment, free from formal programming, competition and solicitation, and rich with opportunities for networking and socializing.  All NEWISE Club events are by invitation only.

New members must be recommended by an existing member.  To that end, members are encouraged to bring prospective members as their guests to our events, provided the guests are pre-approved by our Membership Committee.  We do this to promote and maintain a confidential peer-to-peer environment where the atmosphere is decidedly relaxed and informal.  Many long-lasting friendships have been formed among our members.

NEWISE Club dinners / events take place on the third Wednesday of the month, nine months of the year, at various locations in Boston and surrounding areas.  Monthly events usually draw 20-30 members, and often we are joined by senior executives from the event sponsor.  Our annual holiday brunch in December includes members as well as their spouses / significant others.


The NEWISE CLUB offers a unique sponsorship opportunity for companies and organizations who seek to connect with senior life sciences executive women. By hosting one of our private monthly dinner gatherings, your organization’s senior leaders will have an opportunity to dine informally with our members.

Please visit our Sponsor page for more information or contact NEWISE leadership at