The New England Women in Science Executives Club (NEWISE) is a peer-to-peer organization for women leaders in the science, healthcare and academic communities.

Our mission is to provide a place for these women to speak freely among themselves in an informal, informative and interactive environment, to harness growth opportunities, and to develop strong and supportive relationships with other women leaders.

Years Active (and counting)


Our members are C-level executives, successful founding entrepreneurs, partners in law firms, accounting firms, venture capital groups and other top women in life sciences, healthcare and academia.

“There’s a level of pressure and stress that comes with being a woman, a mother and running a business that really cannot be described without living it—much like both motherhood and leadership! Until I found the NEWISE group, there were no other places that I could just be ‘off’ and people would ‘get it.'”

Laurie Halloran, President & CEO, Halloran Consulting Group, Inc.

“I deeply enjoy the relaxed, intelligent, and fluid conversation. Our meetings have a feeling of camaraderie that invites sharing and laughter. Sometimes the sharing has led to a fresh perspective on a familiar challenge. I love this group!”

Iris Stamberger, PhD, CEO, Learning Management Institute

“The NEWISE Club provides a unique opportunity to exchange best business practices and make new friends with women leaders in the life sciences. The membership draws not only from the Boston area and its highly concentrated biotechnology and pharmaceutical research community, but embraces members from all regions. I felt at home from the first day I joined NEWISE.”

Albine Martin, PhD, COO, Precision Biologics


The NEWISE CLUB offers a unique sponsorship opportunity for companies and organizations who seek to connect with senior life sciences executive women. By hosting one of our private monthly dinner gatherings, your organization’s senior leaders will have an opportunity to dine informally with our members.

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